Rubirox Redefined: How Midnight Media Crafted a Sparkling Brand Identity

At Midnight Media, we know a captivating brand identity is crucial. It’s the voice, the personality, the dazzling first impression that sets you apart from the crowd. Recently, we had the pleasure of collaborating with Rubirox, a Stamford-based jewellery store known for its exquisite collections and exceptional service. Our mission? To elevate their e-commerce with a fresh website redesign, breathe new life into their brand identity, and curate a click-worthy Christmas campaign.

Step 1. Unearthing the Rubirox Gem:

Our journey began with a deep dive into the heart of Rubirox. We met with their passionate team, explored their core values, and unearthed the exciting vision they held for the future. We wanted to understand what truly set them apart in the competitive jewellery scene. Through insightful conversations, we discovered a team driven by more than just sales. They were memory-makers, crafting in-store experiences that sparkled as brightly as their jewellery. With a dedicated piercing department and an eye toward expanding to a male and unisex customer base, Rubirox was poised for growth, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Step 2. Website Relocation & Redesign: A Seamless Customer Journey, Worthy of Royalty

See below how we created a seamless online experience for existing and new customers.

What we did:

Armed with this understanding, we crafted a brand narrative that captured the essence of Rubirox. Rubirox’s website needed a refresh to align with their brand identity and create a dazzling online experience for existing and new customers.

We transitioned them from WordPress (WooCommerce) to Shopify, ensuring a smooth and intuitive browsing experience fit for royalty (or at least those who deserve to feel like it!). Mobile-first design was paramount, guaranteeing a user-friendly experience no matter the device.

We established a strong online brand identity that mirrored the in-store experience. Light pink and white hues, paired with a luxurious feminine typeface, created a visually captivating online atmosphere. Compelling content highlighted Rubirox’s expertise and dedication to personalized service, ensuring that the online journey mirrored the care and attention customers receive in person.

Step 3. Spreading Holiday Cheer: with a Touch of Rubirox Sparkle

Our next task consisted of creating their 2023 Christmas Campaign. The imagery and videography would be used across various platforms, including social media advertisements and traditional print advertisements.

A little sparkle goes a long way.

What we did:

To elevate the Rubirox brand during the festive season, we developed eye-catching imagery, videography, and graphics that shimmered across various platforms, including social media advertisements and traditional print ads. The campaign tagline, “A little sparkle goes a long way,” perfectly captured Rubirox’s commitment: helping customers find the perfect piece to express themselves and connect with loved ones during the holidays.

This campaign successfully bottled the magic of the season, emphasizing the joy of gifting a special piece of Rubirox jewellery – a gift destined to become a cherished story in itself.

Why we did it:

The success of Rubirox’s Christmas campaign wasn’t just about dazzling visuals and catchy slogans; it tapped into something deeper – the power of jewellery as a meaningful gift. By focusing on the story-telling aspect of Rubirox’s offering, the campaign resonated with potential customers on a deeper level, reinforcing the brand’s core values in a truly impactful way.

The “A little sparkle goes a long way” tagline wasn’t just about the physical beauty of the jewellery; it spoke to the emotional impact a single piece could have.

Step 4. Building Upon the Rubirox Legacy: Introducing Rubirox Unchained

For Rubirox’s second store, Rubirox Unchained, we needed to create a brand that both belonged to the Rubirox family and stood strong on its own. Targeting a more masculine customer base, the branding called for an edge and a distinct identity.

Drawing inspiration from the existing Rubirox logo, we explored multiple design options. Ultimately, a scripted typeface emerged as the perfect choice, conveying a rugged and contemporary feel. We opted for a dark grey colour palette that not only resonated with the masculine audience but also complemented the existing Rubirox pink when the two brands were presented side-by-side. This ensured a cohesive brand family while allowing Rubirox Unchained to carve out its own unique space.

Swipe to see the logo proposal and mock-ups. Do you have a favourite?

More Than Just Design: A Collaborative Partnership, Built on Trust

At Midnight Media, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients. The success of the Rubirox project is a testament to the collaborative spirit we share. We’re proud to have played a role in helping Rubirox elevate their brand identity and establish themselves as a leading destination for exquisite jewellery and exceptional service in Stamford.

Check out the Rubirox website here!

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