From Lip Kits to Poolside Sips: Kylie Jenner Sprints into the Beverage Market with New Brand, Sprinter.

Kylie Jenner is making waves (pun intended) in the beverage industry with the launch of her new company, Sprinter. Sprinter is a line of ready-to-drink vodka sodas poised to take on the booming RTD (Ready-To-Drink) market.

We’re cracking open a can (figuratively, of course) to analyse every aspect of this brand and give you our feedback on the latest brand launch from the Kardashian Krew. We will touch on brand identity, colour analysis (what message does that bold blue hue convey?), the use of imagery, and their social media presence. So, stay tuned! We’re about to spill the tea (or low cal vodka soda?) on everything Sprinter. Get ready for a fun and informative deep dive!

A Look at Sprinter:

Focus on Quality and Convenience: Sprinter offers a seemingly classic combination – premium vodka, sparkling water, and real fruit juice – in a convenient canned format. Each can boasts 4.5% ABV and comes in four flavours:

Let's take a deep dive into the branding:

The photo below from Kylie Jenner x Drink Sprinter Instagram here.

The Branding:

Sprinter lives on poolside coolers and beach bags. Each can is a vibrant explosion of colour, with a distinct personality for every flavor. Imagine a deep, luxurious purple for the black cherry, hinting at its richness. The peach flavour pops with a sunshiney orange, as bright and cheerful as the drink. This isn’t just about taste; it’s about visual appeal.

The logo:

Take a peek at the “S” in Sprinter. See that subtle lightning bolt hiding there? It’s not just a coincidence! This clever design is a secret handshake with Sprinter’s target audience. It’s a visual metaphor, a way to say “we get your lifestyle” without being cheesy. Now let’s take a deeper dive into the font. Clean lines and a modern style convey a sense of quality and sophistication without any stuffiness. It’s approachable and inviting, just like the brand itself, reinforcing this youthful energy.

The Targeted Audience:

Sprinter seems to be setting its sights on a younger crowd who craves both flavor and wellness. The emphasis on real fruit juice and 100-calorie cans? That’s a message to health-conscious hustlers who want to enjoy life’s moments without sacrificing their goals. Sprinter isn’t just a drink; it’s a lifestyle accessory for those who are always on the move.

The RTD Market Boom:

The ready-to-drink market has experienced explosive growth in recent years, fueled by consumer demand for convenience and variety. Sprinter will be entering a competitive space already Following in the Footsteps (and Cocktails) of Family. Her sister, Kendall Jenner, launched her own tequila brand, 818, in 2021, which has seen considerable success. The sibling duo seems to be capitalizing on the growing trend of celebrity-backed alcohol brands.

Joining my sister in the spirits industry has been an amazing way for us to work together. Kendall has offered advice and shown me what it takes to create a successful spirits brand, and in a way, Sprinter is 818’s bubbly, juicy, and playful little sister!


  • Visual Identity: Dominated by the bold blue hue, their visual identity can be found instantly. It’s a colour that screams confidence, energy, and a touch of playfulness.
  • Bold Photography: The imagery showcases a clean minimal feel with retro accents and lots of close-up striking detail shots. Lots of sparkling fruit shots, open cans and metallic graphics. When a model is used the image has a ‘college after party’ vibe, think house gatherings, impromptu pool parties, and carefree moments with friends. 
  • Messaging: They are the fun, cooler sister who wants to have a good time. Their tone of voice is approachable and inviting, encouraging you to live carefree and create unforgettable moments.

The Verdict: Early Days for Sprinter

Will Sprinter become the next big thing in the RTD world or just another flash in the celebrity endorsement pan? Well it’s got Kylie Jenner’s name on it, boasts high-quality ingredients to keep the taste buds happy, and a strong visual identity on launch. Sprinter has the potential to make a splash in the RTD market. However, its long-term success will depend on several factors, including marketing strategy, brand positioning, and most importantly, winning over the hearts (and taste buds) of consumers. Here’s to hoping they can pull it off!

In the meantime, what are your thoughts on celebrity-backed alcohol brands? Would you be curious to try Sprinter? We’re obsessed with their fresh aesthetic – it practically twins with ours! If you’re into vibrant visuals, you know what to do.

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