Farm Fresh to Click-Worthy: Shearers Butchers Goes Digital!

We recently had the privilege of collaborating with a true Lincolnshire gem – Shearers Butchers! These butchery masters boast nearly a century of experience under their belts! One staff member, Brian Burrell, recently retired after 75 years in the trade, making him Britain’s oldest butcher! Shearers were looking to elevate their business for the modern age. Our mission? To create their first-ever e-commerce website, revitalize their brand identity, and capture the warmth and vibrancy of their in-store experience through professional food and store photography.

The Logo Redesign: Breathing New Life into a Legacy Brand:

Dive into the decisions that were made behind the scenes.

Honouring History:

We started by paying homage to Shearers’ heritage. Their original 1930s logo had a strong, reliable font that we wanted to preserve. However, we also wanted to inject a touch of modern flair. The solution? A bold typeface with rounded edges conveys a welcoming and inviting atmosphere.

A Colour Palette with British Flair: 

For the colour scheme, we landed on a luxurious combination of navy, white, and gold accents. This palette evokes a sense of British heritage, perfectly in line with Shearers’ long-standing family tradition.

A Mascot with Personality:

We knew no butcher shop is complete without a signature animal icon! But a simple silhouette wouldn’t do for Shearers & Son. We wanted something special, something that reflected the warmth and personality of a family-run business. That’s how we landed on our hand-drawn “critter crew” – a charming cow, pig, and chicken. This trio adds a personal touch, a friendly wink that embodies the welcoming atmosphere at Shearers & Son. It’s a reminder that behind the high-quality cuts and heritage, there’s a family business with heart.

A Logo Fit for Digital:

The new logo seamlessly blends these three key components: a reliable font, a luxurious colour palette, and a hand-drawn icon. This combination tells the story of who Shearers & Son Butchers truly is, and positions them perfectly for success in the digital age. We’re thrilled to have helped this historic business step into the future while staying true to its roots!

Bringing Shearers to Life: A Visual Feast

Following in-depth discussions and research, we embarked on a visual exploration to capture the true essence of G Shearers & Son Butchers. Multiple Pinterest boards later, we collaboratively defined a photography brief that aimed to evoke a “farm shop” aesthetic, utilizing the butcher shop itself as the primary backdrop.

High-Quality Branding Images: We prioritized capturing detailed close-up shots of Shearers’ branding elements, ensuring they were visually compelling and suitable for various website applications.
Enticing Food Photography: Understanding the power of visual appeal, we aimed to create mouthwatering food imagery that would entice online customers and showcase the quality and deliciousness of Shearers’ products.

Intimate shots give online viewers a sense of authenticity and connection

We opted for documentary-style images to offer a glimpse into the heart of Shearers’ operation. We captured the meticulous preparation of meat, the before-and-after transformation of their famous pastries, and the behind-the-scenes process of weighing, cutting, and preparing cuts for customers. With full access to the shop and its props, we were able to romanticize the beauty of fresh, local produce.  (And yes, a few taste tests were a definite perk of the job!). We crafted farm shop-inspired imagery featuring natural wooden elements and baking paper, that work perfectly on social media and for upcoming blog posts. These intimate shots give online viewers a sense of authenticity and connection to Shearers’ dedication to quality.

Capturing the Team:

For the staff portraits, we opted for a unique approach. Instead of the typical sterile studio setting, we took the team outside, with the farm serving as a stunning backdrop. This choice not only provided a refreshing change from standard online imagery but also highlighted the vast landscape that supplies Shearers with their farm-fresh meat. To maintain a sense of professionalism while showcasing individual personalities, we used a variety of arm poses for each staff member.

A Website Fit
for a Family Legacy

Creating Shearers’ website was all about achieving a delicate balance. We wanted it to feel professional and luxurious, yet still friendly and approachable – reflecting the welcoming atmosphere that’s central to their family business. 

See below how we created a seamless in-store to online experience for existing and new customers.

Clean & Easy Navigation:

For a seamless user experience, we opted for a clean, minimalist design. Plenty of space surrounds the text, ensuring the site is easy to read and navigate. The font choice echoes the logo, creating a cohesive brand experience. The colour palette mirrors the logo as well, with navy and white taking center stage. A subtle textured background adds a touch of visual interest without appearing overly corporate.

Honouring Heritage:

Shearers’ rich history is woven throughout the website. On the “Our Story” page, we incorporated old newspaper advertisements and nostalgic imagery, christened “The Archives.” This section allows customers to connect with Shearers’ long-standing tradition in butchery.

A Glimpse Inside the Shop:

The “Meet the Team” page goes above and beyond the usual staff bios. We filmed video footage of the store, giving online customers a virtual tour of the warm and inviting in-store experience. Staff portraits were also updated, ensuring a consistent and family-friendly aesthetic. These elements showcase the tight-knit and passionate team that is the heart of Shearers & Son. It was important to feature all staff members, reflecting their strong customer focus and deep roots in the local community.

Sharing Their Expertise:

Shearers has a wealth of knowledge to share, and their blog – aptly named “The Butcher’s Block” – is the perfect platform for that! We created the first three posts to get them started, focusing on local farming news, delicious recipes, and helpful tips and tricks. We also provided a library of images for future posts, and designed custom blog templates that are easy to navigate and instantly recognizable as part of the Shearers brand.

The Voice of Shearers:

The website’s copywriting reflects Shearers’ genuine personality – straightforward, with a sprinkle of British humour and a nod to the classic farmer. We avoided flowery language and marketing fluff. Just like their cuts of meat, the copy is honest and to the point: “Top quality stuff, exactly what it says on the tin.” By using clear, concise language with a touch of wit, the website accurately captures the essence of Shearers, making customers feel like they’re getting the real deal – a friendly butcher shop with a no-nonsense approach to quality.

By striking this balance, we’ve created a website that perfectly captures the essence of Shearers & Son Butchers. It’s a digital space that reflects their heritage, expertise, and most importantly, their warm family spirit. 

More Than Just Design: A Collaborative Partnership, Built on Trust

At Midnight Media, we believe in fostering strong partnerships with our clients. The success of the Shearers project is a testament to the collaborative spirit we share. We’re proud to have played a role in helping this iconic Butchers elevate their brand identity and establish themselves as a leading destination for farm-fresh produce and exceptional service in Lincolnshire.

Check out the Shearers website here!

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